Smallwares Dinner And Dessert Menu

oyster*                                                                                                    3/pc
fish sauce vinaigratte & cilantro
pickled strawberries & shiso
tuna tataki, green sambal, tomato, cucumber, coconut*                           11
octopus salad, farm greens, maple dressing, pepitas, fried quinoa          12
summer salad, cherry tomato, avocado, shiso, lemon miso dressing       10                    seared padron peppers, tomato kasundi, ricotta, garam masala, mint      10
grilled corn on the cob, gochujang mayo, furikake, fried shallots              4/pc   
smoked potatoes, horseradish crème fraiche, pickled ginger, trout roe.    9

six minute egg, chinese mustard, pickled shallot, scallion*                       3/pc
fried kale, candied bentons bacon, fish sauce, mint                                 11
kimchi pancake, prawns, octopus, soy ginger sauce (veg option)             10
chawanmushi, mapo dofu pork ragu, sichuan peppercorns                      8
nori risotto, green beans, mushrooms, parmesan, chili oil                        12
clams, chorizo, rice cakes, chili broth, cilantro, kimchi*                            15
half chicken, coconut cream spinach, togarashi gravy, onion rings           20
sea scallops, summer succotash, xo sauce, country ham, grapefruit*       19
hanger steak, roasted mushrooms, blue cheese, kimchi puree                  19
burger, japanese milk bread, cheddar, fried shallot, sweet chili mayo        9
side rice                                                                                                   2

children of all shapes and sizes are always welcome, we have plenty of youngster friendly food and drink options

*consuming raw seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness
if you are sensitive to spicy foods please check with your server when ordering

20% automatic gratuity will be added to tables of 6 or more.
We kindly request a four credit card maximum per table.