Smallwares Dinner Menu

oyster du jour, fish sauce, cilantro, lime*                         mkt/price
madai ceviche, aji amarillo, green papaya, avocado, onion*     11
octopus, fava beans, pork belly, chorizo dressing                    12
kimchi choice: cabbage, daikon, apple                                     5

   beet salad, tahini yogurt, bonito granola, umeboshi                 11
   smoked potatoes, horseradish, egg, ginger, roe*                      11
   crispy cheese curd risotto, tofu ranch, calabrians, ramps       11
   padrons, tomato kasundi, ricotta, garam masala, mint              11

  fried kale, candied bacon, fish sauce, mint                                12
  chicken lollipops, sriracha mayo                                                11
  pork lemongrass sandwich, carrots + daikon, cilantro                11
  chawan mushi, rabbit ragu, gochujang, tarragon, furikake          10
  carrot gnocchi, morels, nori puree, kimchi juice, scallion            14

   smoked chicken ramen, egg, pickled turnips, lemon, chili paste 14
   dan dan noodles, sichuan, peanut, cilantro, dill pickle
                  with choice of: pork or fried tofu                                  13
   oxtail curry, scotch bonnet, plantain chips, coconut                   18
   shortrib ssam, perilla, sweet chili, sesame creme fraiche            18
   rock fish, zucchini, capers, brown butter, togarashi                     17

candied peanuts, furikake                                                           2
cabbage kimchi, seasonal pickles                                               3
fried six-minute egg, chinese mustard                                         3
rice                                                                                             2                                                                 

*consuming raw seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness
if you are sensitive to spicy foods please check with your server when ordering


20% automatic gratuity will be added to tables of 10 or more.
We kindly request a four credit card maximum per table.