Happy Hour Daily 5-7 pm


chinese sausage bao, scallion puree                                        6

Pork belly musubi, tomato jam, fried egg, basil                        8

Fried bay shrimp. lemon, onion, sansho                                   6

Mac & cheese, bacon, gochujang, bread crumbs                      8

Kimchi + tons of pickles                                                           6



"Even Happier"

Draw me like one of your french girls             5
local pilsner,  with a spicy frozen margarita

Sangria                                                         6
ask about today's selection

The "O.G." Whiskey                                     7
old overholt rye, garam masala syrup, lemon twist

I carried A........                                            6
fresh squeezed juice, sparkling wine- changes daily

Daily White Wine                                         7/26

Daily Red Wine                                            7/26

Stumptown Coffee                                       2

Steven Smith Teas                                       3