WE ARE OPEN FOR BRUNCH!! Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm!


Raw Oyster* / $3ea. 

fish sauce vinaigrette & cilantro
pear kimchi & shiso

Lemon Miso Wedge Salad / $9 

cherry tomatoes, avocado, lemon miso dressing, tofu ranch, shiso, furikake bread crumbs

Fried Kale / $11 

candied Benton’s bacon, mint, cilantro

choice of maple syrup fish sauce or fish sauce vinaigrette

Turkish Eggs / $10 

spicy chorizo butter, tahini yogurt, garlic bread

Eggs Benedict* / $14

biscuit, yuzu koshu hollandaise, Benton’s ham

Pandan Mochi French Toast / $11

sichuan crème anglaise, pineapple compote

Breakfast Congee / $10

chinese sausage, savory granola, egg, herbs

Bento Box

kimchi, chili sauce, rice, steamed egg, banchan

choice of hanger steak / $15


fried tofu and oyster mushrooms / $14

Loco Moco Rice Bowl* / $11 

beef burger, avocado, fried egg, togarashi gravy, furikake

Breakfast Burrito / $12

kimchi fried rice, chorizo, cheese, spicy crema, slaw


Smoked Fried Potatoes & Horseradish Crème Fraiche / $6  

add trout roe +$2

Fruit Salad / $4

kaffir lime, coconut milk, coconut clusters, shiso

Sichuan Bacon / $4

2 Eggs Any Style / $4

Korean Steamed Egg / $6

fish sauce, chicken stock, herbs