Wine, Sake, Beer

We have an extensive constantly rotating list of organic biodynamic wines from around the globe.

We generally keep our beer local, except the always available deliciously crisp Hite Beer from Korea.

Our sakes range from high end to working class, we offer many by the bottle.


THE VODKA tito’s, makrut lime, strawberry, fizzy                                         

THE SAKE joto yuzu sake, aria, shiso, umeboshi, lemon

THE MEZCAL banhez, lillet blanc, acidulated grapefruit juice, pamplemouse rose                                                

THE RUM plantation 3 star, toasted coconut, lime, tepache, nutmeg

THE GIN beefeater, thai basil, tamarind                             

THE O.G. WHISKEY old overholt rye, garam masala                                          


We have a full bar and always love to shake, stir, build, and drink classic cocktails for our guests and ourselves