Hild Elbling Sekt NV (Mosel, GM) bees wax zest rusty nails metals                             10/40
Day Wines Malvasia ‘Mamacita’ (WV, OR) baked bread white flower lemon zest         14/56
Balivet Bugey Cerdon NV (Savoie, FR) spiced candied apples zesty spice                 12/48




Julian Haart Rielsling ‘1,000L’ ’15 (Mosel, GM) tangerine jasmine pepper        *white 11/44
Muga Rosato ’15 (Rioja, SP) cherry pie white flowers lime                                 *rosé 9/36
Ch. Canorgue Luberon Rosé ’15 (Rhone, FR) strawberry fresh cut grass            *rosé 12/48



Envinate ‘Albahra’ ’14 (Almansa, SP) salty liquorice red berries                  *red 11/44
Mattieu Barret ‘Petit Ours Brun’ ’14 (Rhone, FR) brambleberry animal        *red 12/48
Franceso Rinaldi Dolcetto D’Alba ’14 (Piedmont, IT) bing cherry earth        *red 12/48
Crowley Pinot Noir ’13 (WV, OR) musty earth fresh cut douglas fir               *red 14/56



La Stoppa ‘Ageno’ ’10 (Emilia-Romagna, IT) rubber black tea red berry    *orange 15/60
Weingut Sattlerhof Muskateller ’13 (Styria, AT) elderflower cucumber          *white 14/56
Bussoletti Grechetto ’13 (Umbria, IT) sunflower seeds kefir lime pistachio   *white 12/48
Ca’ Montebello Pinot Nero Bianco ’15 (Lombardy, IT) lychee flowers           *white 10/40



Jean-Max Roger ‘Menetou-Salon’ ’12 (Loire, FR) honeysuckle quince pear      *white12/48
Ampeleia ‘Unlitro’ ’14 (Tuscany, IT) juniper cement red berries                            *red12/48
Ontanon Rioja ’14 (Rioja, SP) wild huckleberry blueberry pie leather                    *red7/24




Hakushika Kuromatsu Junmai Ginjo lilac peach nutty                                                       6
Yuki No Bosha ‘Limited Release’ light soft note of peaches                                             10
Hakugyokko ‘Frangrant Jewel’ Nama Genshu exotic melon and lychee                          10/60
Konteki ‘Tears of Dawn’ Daiginjo melon star anise                                                           13


Joto Junmai Nigori clean dry chewy                                                                                  8/42
Shichi Hon Yari ‘Seven Spearsman’ mushroom melon nuts                                              9
Honjozo Taru Sake ‘Barrel Aged’ cedar notes mushroom earth                                        10


Fukucho ‘Moon on the Water’ fragrant sake                                                                     13/78
Watari Bune Junmai Ginjo 55 nutty earthy                                                                        14/82
Eiko Fuji Honkara super dry                                                                                       9
Tsukinowa ‘Rice Baby’ brewed from mochi rice unique and lingering mouth                      10



Hite Korean lager clean and pure 12 oz bottle                                                                 4
Miller Lite refreshing and light 12oz bottle                                                                      4
Saison Dupont the original champagne of beer 12oz bottle                                            7
Heater Allen Azbug Lager light dry and full of malty flavor 16 oz draft                           5
Six Point Bengali IPA pine lemon citrus 16 oz draft                                                        5


Royal Pilsner crisp refreshing and delicious 16 oz draft                                                   5
Schilling & Co. Ginger Cider spicy and  crisp made with Wa. apples 12oz can               5
Fort George Cavatica Stout notes of coffee and chololate 16 oz can                             5
Occidental Alt Beer malty nutty and delicious 16 oz draft                                               5


Duchess de Bourgogne lusty sour fruit 12oz bottle                                                      10
Hitachino Nest White Ale light citrus coriander 12 oz bottle                                          9
Alter Ego Ginger Lemon Cider spicy fresh wine like 12 oz draft                                     7



THE VODKA benedictine, lime, black pepper, bitters                                          10
shaken, stirred up

THE SAKE eiko fuji honkara, pimms, fever tree tonic                                           9
stirred, on the rocks, orange and mint

THE MEZCAL mezcal, strega, lemon, dolin blanc                                                9
shaken, served up

THE RUM black cardamon, tamarind, honey                                                       9
stirred, served on large rocks

THE SCOTCH sweet vermouth, gran classico, celery bitters                              10
stirred, served up

THE TEQUILA ramazotti, combier rouge, herbsaint                                            10
stirred, served up, orange twist

THE GIN old tom gin, becherovka, lillet rouge, amargo vallet                             10
stirred, served up

THE O.G. WHISKEY old overholt rye, garam masala                                           8
stirred, served on a large rock, lemon twist



THE SAZERAC old overholt rye, peychaud's bitters, herbsaint, sugar                  8
stirred, served neat

THE CORPSE REVIVER #2plymouth gin, lilet blanc, cointreau, herbsaint           10
shaken, served up

THE HEMINGWAY DAIQUIRI cruzan white rum, lime, grapefruit, luxardo             10
shaken, served up